114 Belvedere Road Red Hills, St. Andrew Jamaica, West Indies

Urgent Situation

Impacting the world one life at a time

Last week a situation happened that is affecting our Church building, youth facility, activity center and mission housing. We are not sure what has caused it, whether past earthquakes, or what, but we have in these facilities broken water pipes that have flooded through the ceilings, floors and walls.
The water has also flooded the electric breaker box causing many issues. We have limited electricity in those areas and no water in any of the facilities.
In order to fix the situation in those facilities that we have church and youth in every week; we have to abandon all the pipes and put in new plumbing throughout the facilities.
Before we look at the electric damage and see what all has been effected and must be replaced, we have to dry out all the equipment, breakers, outlets, lights ect…
Being all these facilities are solid concrete walls, floors and ceiling this is going to be very labor intensive and costly. There is also a huge time pressure on this because of the constant use of everything.
I have made an initial supply list for the plumbing and know there is more yet to go, with it as well as with the electric and then repairs to the places that are torn up to fix the situation.
I am asking for your help. From what I can tell it could be between $4,500 and $6500 depending on what I find once I get into things, and the help/ laborers I am able to hire.
I know that is a wide range, and I will continue to update as I get into everything. Thank you again, you can donate on our web page Jesuswayjam.org

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