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Impacting the world one life at a time

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Ambassadors Youth Group

The Ambassadors is our youth group, focused on reaching the inner-city of Kingston, Jamaica.  We call them ambassadors because the Word of God says all believers are ambassadors of Jesus  (2 Corinthians 5:12).

We pour our lives into the youth, showing them the true love of Jesus with no strings attached.  We open our lives, homes, and heartsinviting them to be a real part of a loving and genuine family.

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Fusion Kid’s Club

We partner with another local ministry that is focused on reaching out to the children.  After school, we have a club setting where we minister to the various children ages 4-12.  Together, we endeavor to provide much needed structure while imparting important life values, which we strive to display and also require of the children.

Those values are: People matter so respect everyone.  Our actions count, so make good choices. We are a team, so work together.

Through the framework of the values, we teach the valuable lessons of the Bible. The children are divided up into interest groups: sports, crafts, drama, etc. Through the avenue of their own personal interests, they experience Jesus with skin on, as we interact with them, encourage them to talk about their lives, and pray over them.

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The Jesus Way Church

TJWC is a modern day church of Acts where individual growth is purposely drawn out of each member of the body. We believe the Word of God is trueand everything else must line up with it. We believe every church member has a part to play in the bringing of the Kingdom of God to the earth. Our goal is to connect with other believers and see each other fulfill the call of God on their lives!

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Camp: An Annual Highlight For Youth!

Twice a year we hold a camp that the youth are invited to be a part of. They will leave all the distractions and situations of regular life behind, for a week of extreme impartation from Jesus.  Fun games, deep devos, exciting contests, powerful messages, extended worship times, and plenty of time to talk to God and their counselors are many of the highlights they look forward to.

Community Outreach

Part of teaching “be the change” is providing opportunity for the children to give back to the community and help them to see it is part of everyone’s responsibility to do their part.  One of the things we are a part of every year is the children’s Living Nativity march through their own community.  The children dress up like angels or wise men or shepherds and sing Christmas carols, while they follow Mary and Joseph around town looking for a “room at the inn.” Mary and Joseph stop at the police station, the wholesale store, and a barbershop asking if there is room at the inn, until finally someone says, “Yes, you can stay at my stable.”

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Next Steps

Get involved!  The children are starving for love attention and someone to just let them know they are special and have a God-given purpose. Come on a trip and pour into their lives yourself.  If you can’t do that, please pray for them and us, and consider sponsoring the weekly program to help us continue working in their lives.