114 Belvedere Road Red Hills, St. Andrew Jamaica, West Indies

The Dream Center

Impacting the world one life at a time

Partner Now 

We would love the opportunity to discus your partnership with us towards our goal of having a permanent presence in the community. We are believing God for massive change to happen through The Kingston Dream Center, which will be open every day of the week!

The Kingston Dream Center

The Jesus Way Jamaica just secured a 15-year lease on this property, and will turn it into Jamaica’s first of many Dream Centers. The Kingston Dream Center in located in West Kingston, in an area that is running over with children and youth who need someone to believe in them and let them know they do have a future.

The Dream Center is here to do just that! Our objective is to give each person that comes onto our property an understanding that they are special, they have a purpose, and they can dream. To often the ability to dream gets stolen from the young ones because they have to fend for themselves.

We are here to show the children the protection of a Father, God; the love of a Savior, Jesus, and the help of a Counselor, the Holy Spirit. We must show them through our actions, words, and faithfulness. Jesus has done so much for us; this is the least we can do for Him.

Please join us: pray, bring a team, sponsor a day, a month, a trip, or a program.

The Ambassador Theater

The vision for The Dream Center started over 10 years ago when we brought our first team to Jamaica on a mission trip.  We were doing ministry and one of our team members was talking to a young school boy; when he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, the boy’s response stopped the team member in their steps. “I won’t ever grow up; I won’t be alive that long.”

This boy’s ability to dream beyond his immediate circumstance was non-existent. We asked him, “Where do you live?” and he told us, “West Kingston.” That is why we are starting our first Dream Center in this place.

We used The Ambassador Theater in Trench Town for many years, but when you share a place with many other organization, where values and goals are not the same, it becomes evident it is time to  find your own place. We are thankful for the time and impact made, and even more thankful for this next step.