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Ambassadors Youth

The Ambassadors are set apart to represent God wherever their path might go.  These young people are from the inner-city of West Kingston.  They’ve grown up with a past of abandonment, being left to fend for themselves, abuse, and forced into a mentality that said they would never be anything or accomplish anything in their lives.

BUT GOD is using them to spark a revival and bring change to their family, their “yaad,” their community, and to the world!  They are no longer satisfied with accepting what people have spoken over them; they have gotten a hold of what Jesus said about them!  Now they are taking that message to others who are hurting, realizing they are the only ones that can make the change in the generation rising up!

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Jesus Way Church

We believe the Word has every instruction needed in order to live a godly life. We also believe wholeheartedly that everyone who attends has something to give to make the service more full and rich. In this way we demonstrate the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:10-16) and the Divine order-of-service (1 Corinthians 14:26-33).

We cultivate an atmosphere where if you do not understand something, you can ask; if you do not see it in the word you should ask, “Where is that in the word?”; and if you have revelation to add, you should share it. Underlying every word shared is that The Word has the final say!

Jesus Way Church is growing fast and we are growing strong in our faith. Yvonne and I will continue to minister to everyone who comes in the same way we ourselves are being ministered to.

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Children’s Outreach

Here at The Jesus Way, we absolutely love kids! We enjoy playing with them, loving on them, and most of all, telling them about Jesus!

Since our arrival in Jamaica, we have put on regular Kid’s Extravaganzas. This is where we simply show up at a community ball field, turn on our music, and watch the kids rush out to meet us. We would spend about an hour before even starting the service loving on and playing with the kids, whether playing football or blowing bubbles. We give these kids what they would normally not have: love and positive attention. Some of our best memories are of these outreaches.

The kid’s services operate with a sidewalk Sunday school kind of format: fun games, puppet shows, silly skits, memory verses, praise and worship songs, messy crafts, and an illustrated, kid-friendly sermon. Our goal is always to clearly present the Good News of Jesus Christ and give an opportunity for kids to respond to the message. We also never leave without praying for them as a group, as well as one-on-one for those who want it.

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Everyone deserves a chance…

On one of our first trips to Jamaica, I remember talking to a young man and asking him what he wanted to do when he graduated school. He looked at me hopelessly, and said plainly and without emotion, “I will never make it to graduate school.” I was shocked and asked, “Why?” The young man’s matter-of-fact reply was, “Because I will be dead. I live in the inner-city, and if the gangs don’t kill me, the police will.”

At that moment I realized something had to be done, and God broke my heart for the youth of Jamaica. Unfortunately, I have had that same conversation many times over, with many different young people, to this day.

My belief is that everyone deserves a chance, so I will fight for them—the next generation.  I will stand in the gap and get their story out. I will help them see there is a way to dream again! I will work side-by-side to help them achieve their dreams and goals.  They will accomplish whatever it is they dare to dream of! This lofty vision is possible because of people who are willing to stand with them.

Will you be one who will stand with me in helping these precious youth and children get the chance they deserve?


Next Steps

Are you ready to join our team—helping to give a second chance to Jamaican children and youth? You can do that many different ways.

  1. Prayer
  2. Volunteer
  3. Financial support
  4. Come on short term trips and take the vision back with you!
  5. Stay permanently!

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